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Who We Are

Financeive isn’t a typical website. We does not accept advertising or subscriptions (no charge is ever made for using the site).

We like to make it easy for people to buy the things they want and need.
So we’re cooperating with affiliate programs that don’t compel us to compromise our core beliefs of providing the finest answers and alternatives (which is something most sites don’t do when it comes to affiliate marketing). 

We have an “*” after the link, so we’ll get some of your purchase prices as commission – but only if you went through us first!

The editors at Financeive, on the other hand, think that if the best choice is presented without any affiliation or compensation, it should remain that way no matter what.

What We Believe In

We believe in empowering our readers by giving them control over their finances and making it easy for you to go to your dream college or overcome your financial crisis.

And we know what works best because we’ve seen first-hand how difficult it can be to manage all aspects of personal finance without professional guidance.

Our Mission

Our mission is get you the loan that best suits your situation and keep more of what you make. By our Guides, Financeive is devoted to offering loans to all individuals. Even who have been denied or cannot qualify from traditional lending sources.

We specialize in assisting people of all credit levels, and we work hard to provide financing choices so that everyone may experience life’s milestones. – like starting a profitable business, getting married, and going to your dream collage.

Financeive Team

Marie Mitchell

Marie Mitchell


Marie is an award-winning financial journalist, who’s responsible for collecting and analyzing information concerning students and young adults within the world of finance.

Abdulrahman Henedy

Abdulrahman Henedy


Abdulrahman is the founder of Financeive and a financial advisor with +4 experience writing about loans and debts.

Matthew Stone - Senior Writer

Matthew Stone

Financial Advisor

Mathew is an experienced financial advisor with 3 years of experience helping small businesses. He’s been featured in the Washington Post and many other media outlets,