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Ascent vs Earnest: Student Loan Comparison

If you were deciding between Earnest and Ascent for a private student loan to pay for your education.

You must exhaust all federal loans before considering private loans, and if you have, you must begin making plans for life after college.

Earnest offers flexible repayment options for students by allowing one payment to be skipped every 12 months without incurring late fees.

Ascent is a top private lender because it accepts most borrowers regardless of whether they have a co-signer, and it offers a variety of options such as credit-based and future income-based financing.

Here is the whole comparison:

Ascent vs Earnest: Who Has Better Terms?

Interest RatesFixed APR: 3.97% To 11.89%.
Variable APR: 1.47% To 9.05%.
Fixed APR
Variable APR
Loan Amounts$2,001 – $200,000$1,000 up to the school’s cost of attendance.
Term Duration5, 7, 10, 12, or 15 yearsFor cosigned loans: 5, 7, 10, 12, or 15 years. For solo borrowers: 5 or 7 years.
Minimum Credit Score680650
Income Requirementsno minimum income requirementNone for independent student loans; $35,000 for co-signed loans.
Financeive’s rating5/53.9/5

Who Has Better Rates Earnest vs Ascent?

Ascent provides insignificantly lower rates than Earnest, particularly if you have a co-signer because Ascent can help you save money on your interest rate by up to 11%

To determine which lender will provide you with the greatest rates, periods, and repayment alternatives, apply to both Ascent and Earnest.

Even if Ascent charges higher interest rates for loans without cosigners, you can always refinance to a cheaper rate once you’ve earned your degree and secured a job.

Is an Ascent or Earnest Student Loan More Easily Obtained?

Ascent accepts most borrowers with different financial statuses with different terms and options like credit-based and future income-based.

On the other hand, Earnest accepts borrowers with a 650-credit score and a $35,000 minimum income for co-signed loans.

Both have flexible requirements but Ascent has done a great job of providing different options and alternatives.

Choose Ascent If You Don’t Have a Cosigner

If you apply without a cosigner, the interest rates for Ascent and Earnest are reasonably comparable. Earnest does not have a co-signer release option; Ascent does.

You might be able to get rid of your cosigner after two years, according to Ascent, “provided specific criteria are met. 

Choose Ascent If You Need a Long Forbearance Period

The forbearance period for Ascent is 24 months, as opposed to Earnest’s forbearance period of 12 months.

As a result, you won’t be required to make payments for a total of up to 24 months if you lose your job, are put on furlough, or accrue extra debt. Like other lenders, interest will continue to accrue during this period.

What Is Other Students’ Opinion About Both Discover and Ascent?

Ascent Other People Review
Earnest made what might otherwise have been a stressful experience run smoothly and quickly, but they don’t allow principal-only payments. Had I realized that when I refinanced my student loans, I would have gone elsewhere. Shamelessly benefits them and prevents their customers from paying down loans as fast as they can. Almost all institutions allow this, and Earnest should too, but they don’t.
Dorothy D., Earnest borrower
My parents basically cut me off from college tuition so I genuinely thought I wouldn’t be able to finish schooling. But when I was looking for student loans, Ascent came up and I checked it out. I’ve been able to finish my last semester of school because of Ascent! I wouldn’t be getting my degree this year if it were for Ascent, so thank you to this great company. They really gave me hope!
Gaby R., Ascent borrower

Frequently Asked Questions

Ascent Student Loan

Ascent is a leading private lender because it accepts the majority of customers, regardless of whether they have a co-signer or not, and because it provides a range of options, including credit-based and future income-based financing.

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Ascent is The best option for students seeking to use a co-signer and pay off debts quickly is a co-signed loan.


Earnest Student Loan

Earnest is recognized for BBB and has an A rating. On Trustpilot, where there are more than 4,600 reviews, it has a stellar rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. There were 13 complaints regarding Earnest’s student loans filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2020.

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Earnest offers flexible repayment options for students by allowing one payment to be skipped every 12 months without incurring late fees.