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How To Copy a Student Loan Promissory Note

What is a promissory note for student loans? A promissory note is a legal document that spells out the rights and responsibilities associated with repaying student loan debt. Borrowers can ask the loan holder for a copy.

You have the right to obtain a copy of your student loan promissory notes. There are other places to get them besides the Department of Education, though. 

You must comprehend everything in your promissory note if you are a student loan borrower. This agreement explains the conditions of your loan, including how you are expected to pay back the debt.

How to Request a Copy of a Promissory Note for Federal Student Loans

You’ll find a copy of your Master Promissory Note on the Federal Student Aid website. Here is the full process:

  • Visit and sign in. To access the website, you must have an FSA ID.
  • Then select “My Documents.” The link may be found in the menu bar’s top right corner, beside your name.
  • Choose “Master Promissory Note (MPN)” from the dropdown menu.
  • Download the MPN in PDF format.

You could also log in to the National Student Loan Data System NSLDS. It’s similar to a credit report for federal student loans, and it should give you a decent idea of what’s outstanding.

It contains a wealth of information on the distribution date for your loans as well as the school to whom the loan funds were paid.

The fixed interest rate, periods of repayment, and other parameters of your loans are all laid out in the Master Promissory Note, a legal document. 

It does not include information on past payments, interest capitalization, or any deferral or forbearance periods that have been used in connection with your loans.

If you desire copies of such information, you must make a Privacy Act request to the US Department of Education. Before making your request, go over the department’s Privacy Act checklist.

If your student loan has gone into default, contact the Department of Education’s Default Resolution Group at 800-621-3115. 

If you want a copy of your whole federal student loan file, including the promissory note and any other records the Department of Education may have on you, look into the Freedom of Information Act.

If you’ve suffered from identity theft or any other illegal conduct, there are administrative procedures to get a federal student loan cancelled. If your requests are refused, you may need to initiate a lawsuit against the Department of Education.

What If the Department of Education Does not Have a Copy of the Promissory Note?

You have the right to request copies of your records during pre-trial discovery if the government is suing you for a loan that hasn’t been repaid. 

If the government is unable to provide the whole note, they will probably claim that you obtained the benefit of the loan monies before the tuition was paid.

The Department of Education’s case would be refuted if you could demonstrate that you or someone else was responsible for paying the tuition and fees. This argument might not succeed without such evidence, though.

You can request an administrative hearing to get the loan information if the Department of Education is employing an administrative collection remedy without first filing a lawsuit. 

You should be prepared to demonstrate that you or someone else paid the tuition and fees, just as you would in court.

How to Request a Copy of a Promissory Note for Private Student Loans

You’ll need to request a copy from the creditor or loan servicer who is contacting you about the debt. Obtaining the papers may require numerous tries and several weeks of waiting, depending on the loan holder.

You cannot get a copy of your private student loan promissory notes by going to a website run by the government, unlike the federal government. 

You should receive documentation from the creditor detailing each time the loan has changed hands if your loan has been sold or transferred to a new firm. 

The documentation you get may also include a copy of your account history, which indicates the monthly payments you’ve made on the loans. 

If it does not, request that the creditor deliver it to you so that you may confirm the current debt balance.

What If the Creditor Cannot Show a Copy of the Promissory Note?

You’ll have the right to re-establish the note rests with the lender or existing loan holder, who must do so by giving complete and accurate details of the terms of the note.

When filing a lawsuit against you, the lender must provide a copy of the promissory note and a list of all the assignments it has made. If not, you can ask for both items in discovery.

If it still cannot deliver such records, you may be entitled to request that the action be dismissed.

Unless the action is dismissed with prejudice, the dismissal will not release you from liability for the debts.

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