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Laurel Road

Additional information

Fixed APR

3.99% to 6.40%

Loan Amounts

$5,000 up to your total outstanding loan balance.

Minimum Credit Score


Term Duration

5 – 20 Years

Variable APR

2.50% to 6.30%

Financeive’s rating


Laurel Road

Health care workers may use the KeyBank brand and platform Laurel Road. The ideal candidates for its loans are those who wish to refinance while doing a residency in either medicine or dentistry.

Check Laurel Road vs LendKey comparison and Laurel Road vs Splash Financial comparison.


  • The ability to refinance parent PLUS loans in your name is a pro.
  • Residents in medicine and dentistry can refinance.
  • Without performing a rigorous credit check, you can find out if you qualify and what rate you’ll get.


  • Borrowers who return to school are not eligible for payment postponement.

Laurel Road will not be providing graduate loans for the 2022–2023 school year. They do provide refinancing for undergraduate and some associate degrees. Federal and private parent loans are both eligible for refinancing through Laurel Road, and eligible students are also given the chance to take on the debt.

2019 saw Laurel Road join KeyBank, a provider of business and community banking services. The Higher Education Loan Authority of the State of Missouri, better known as MOHELA, is responsible for servicing the student loans issued by Laurel Road, a New York City-based firm.

Borrowers with undergraduate degrees who wish to refinance their loans at a cheaper interest rate should use Laurel Road Student Loans.

Associate degree holders in relevant disciplines who are currently borrowing desire to refinance their debts at a cheaper interest rate. Parents want to refinance a parent-student loan so that the kid would take on the remaining balance.