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Additional information

Fixed APR


Loan Amounts

$5,000 up to your loan balance

Minimum Credit Score


Term Duration

5, 7, 10, 15 or 20 years

Variable APR


Financeive’s rating



Private student loans and student loan refinancing are both services provided by SoFi, a reliable online lender. Its refinancing loan is ideal for borrowers who desire a wide range of advantages with their refinanced student loan. With numerous repayment choices and no fees, its private loan is the finest.

SoFi has expanded significantly from its beginnings as a company that refinanced student loans. SoFi now provides mortgages, personal loans, and financial management services.

Student loan borrowers should eventually become mortgage and wealth management clients, according to SoFi. Customers are referred to as “members.”

The advantage for customers is that they may anticipate better service. SoFi must treat its customers fairly if they want its customers to use other services.

Sofi offers several flexible repayment choices as well as no fees and free job counseling.

The career guidance offered to all clients is one of the benefits of being a SoFi “member.” By assisting borrowers in finding employment, lenders can increase the likelihood that they will be paid back. Those borrowers who lose their jobs could find this to be a useful resource.

Lenders were unable to compete with SoFi’s exceptional interest rate selection and high acceptance rate.

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  • You have the option of refinancing parent PLUS loans in your name.
  • Without performing a rigorous credit check, you can find out if you qualify and what rate you’ll get.
  • There are other benefits including career planning, help with job searching, and support for starting your own business.


  • There are no co-signer releases available.
  • The loan size minimum is larger than that of most lenders.