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Getting SBA Loans for Kindergartens and Daycare Centers

Like its larger sibling, the SBA 7(a) loan, the SBA Express loan can be used for various purposes, including raising working capital, purchasing equipment, and purchasing owner-occupied commercial properties.

Preschools and daycare center owners, in particular, can use the SBA Express Loan for:

Build a new kindergarten or nursery school. SBA Express Loans can cover almost anything related to construction, including security systems, security equipment, and even furniture.

If they are looking to retire or move to another industry, an SBA Express loan can be a quick and efficient way to buy a share of the business. Your search for business capital, including SBA loans, can be started at Fundera.

Business Debt Refinancing

If a business debt is covered by the SBA (i.e., a business loan used for legitimate business purposes) is currently offered on unfair terms, the SBA Express Loan.

Purchase of Existing Preschools or Day Care

If you wish to purchase an existing Kindergarten or Day Care, SBA Express Loans are available. It can also be used to buy existing structures and update/modify them to suit your business.

Other SBA Loan Options for Kindergartens and Nurseries

SBA Express Loans are one of the fastest ways for a company to finance his SBA, but it’s not the only way. Small kindergartens and daycare centers are encouraged to consider SBA microloans. 

It offers up to $50,000 and has significantly relaxed creditworthiness requirements. 

In contrast, large preschools and daycare centers should consider SBA 7(a) loans that offer amounts up to $5 million, or SBA 504 loans with a maximum loan amount of $5.5 million. Purchase or construction of the owner-occupied commercial property.

Can an SBA 504 loan fund a kindergarten or preschool?

Childcare massive huge industry in the United States. As it is becoming increasingly difficult for single parents to earn enough to support an entire family, more children are being placed in nursery schools or enrolled in kindergartens when they reach adulthood. 

With daycare alone generating $53 billion in sales in 2018, this space is ideal for expanding your business.

Finding funding to expand daycare is not difficult. An SBA 504 loan is a great option to get the financing you need. 

An SBA 504 loan can be used to finance the purchase of the real estate, the purchase or construction of a building, or the renovation of an existing building to suit your purpose. 

These loans can also provide the funds needed to invest in critical equipment such as Playground equipment, catering equipment, classroom equipment such as tables and chairs, etc.