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How Student Loans Obligating Fresh Grads to Get a Mortgage

Our stats found that fresh grads are the second segment that exceeds $200K in federal student loans in 2021. This speaks to the fact that fresh grads are facing problems getting a mortgage and establishing a family.

Here are the segments that exceed $200K in student loans ranked: 

  1. 0.38 million graduates from 35 to 49 years.
  2. 0.29 million graduates from 25 to 34 years. 
  3. 0.19 million graduates from 50 to 61 years.
  4. 0.08 million graduates from 62 and older.

Data pulled from

College graduates not only have more debt than their predecessors but smaller salaries as well. Just over 40% of these students say they’ll have to delay saving for retirement as well.