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Student Loan Scams: Why Is Great Lakes Calling Me?

You may receive calls from someone claiming to be from the Great Lakes, asking for your information.

This is one of the most popular student loan frauds that has recently been reported.

Giving up personal information over the phone is never a good idea, especially when it involves your bank or credit card information.

This article will discuss all the experiences that individuals have had with them.

Can Great Lakes Contact Me for Informational Confirmation?

Yes, but student loan servicers follow a tight policy when making outbound calls and will only ask you to confirm your last name.

In essence, service providers phoning people to notify them of the pandemic forbearance is a legitimate practice, but individuals should also be wary of social engineering when being cold phoned.

Using an official number you search up from an official source rather than the one the agent provides you when calling Great Lakes is good information security practice.

How To Know If This Call Is Legit? 

Without providing any personal information, hang up the phone and go to the Great Lakes website to verify the number.

The caller should recognize your name if they are phoning you regarding your student loans. How can they call you with information regarding your student loans if they don’t even know your name?

Alternatively, if you don’t care, press 5. Even if the person who answered the phone is not going to fall for the scam, having them press a button to say they are not interested demonstrates that a human is connected to the phone number they phoned.

How Can I Stop Calls From Student Loan Scammers?

You may reduce the number of telemarketing calls you to get by signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry. 

Register your phone number to stop telemarketers from calling you: Visit the website. Telephone: Dial 888-382-1222 or 1-866-290-4236 for TTY users.

What Other People Experience With Great Lakes Calls?

I recently received a call from someone yesterday who claimed to be from the Great Lakes. They requested confirmation of my details. I nearly did, but I beg you not to provide any information to anyone over the phone. I told them to email me directly in the end and hung up. Definitely sounded fake.
Great Lakes just called me as well. The number on the phone matched the 800 number for them listed online as being from the Great Lakes. I think they’re just reiterating facts and letting folks know that loan payments are starting up again.
I received a message asking whether I wanted to begin auto pay while the loans are active. The caller identified themselves as being from Great Lakes. The identical information was then sent to me by email. When I later signed into my Great Lakes account, the identical information was shown in a banner.

If you are having difficulties with your student loans, don’t spend your time or money on someone who contacts you at random. Contacting your student loan servicer will usually take care of most problems related to your loans.

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